November 30th was Carleton’s Quality Showcase. Although our representatives, Todd Switzer and Sylvain Pitre, were unable to present, ITS had a poster on display showcasing two services we offer to faculty and researchers: myDesktop and the Research Computing and Development Cloud.

 Grow: Modern Solutions Teaching, learning and research are among the fundamental pillars of any university. We now offer two new solutions to support Carleton faculty and researchers: • MyDesktop (VDI) • Research Computing and Development Cloud.

The first, MyDesktop, enables easy access to course-related software from personal devices in any enabled classroom. This service can be used as a consistent environment for teaching without the need to purchase, install or configure individual applications. Faculty can now engage students in the classroom with more interactive content without the restrictions of a traditional computer lab environment.

The second service, the Research Computing and Development Cloud (or RCDC), offers computing resources and user support to researchers on campus. It provides researchers a platform to develop their own applications or to have access to computing power beyond their office workstation. Researchers are able to process more data, ask larger questions and get results quicker.

By collaborating with the community and identifying key concerns with available services, we implemented these state-of-the-art tools to lead Carleton’s advancement of learning and research excellence.