Software image – University Owned Standard Desktop / Laptops
(Computer Purchases)
Software image – Adaption to Non-Standard University Owned
Desktops & Laptops
Labour @ $36/hour
Software – Installation (Extra Software on University Owned or
Privately Owned PCs)
Labour @ $36/hour
Software – other software and costs Click Here


Desktop & Laptop Upgrades, Repairs, Relocations Material +
Labour @ $36/hour
Repairs to Peripherals (Printers, etc.) Material +
Labour @ $36/hour
Network Configuration of Desktops & Labtops for Home Use (Install
VPN Client, Map Drives, etc.)
$25.00 Flat Rate


Individual PCs (Physical Security Locks and Cables etc.) Material +
Labour @ $36/hour
Room Perimeter Security, Alarm Panels (Dept. of University Safety) Click Here

Computer Lab Rentals *(non-academic use)

Network Service Rates

Data Center Rates