Photo of Meg Lonergan

Meg Lonergan

PhD Candidate (Legal Studies)

Meg Lonergan is a Ph.D. candidate in the Collaborative Ph.D. program in Legal Studies and Political Economy. Her dissertation research is tentatively titled Handling Harm or Fearing Fictions? The Criminalization of Obscene, Extreme, and Objectionable Content in Canada and is a critical examination of Canadian obscenity cases post the Supreme Court ruling in R. v. Butler (1992). Her research interests span cultural criminology, porn studies, horror studies, feminism(s), and critical pedagogies. Lonergan is one of the contract instructor representatives on the departmental board.


Dr. Lara Karaian (Criminology, Carleton University) & Dr. Steve Jones (Media Studies, Northumbria University)


Master of Arts in Gender Studies, Queen’s University

Honours Bachelor of Social Science in Joint Honours Criminology & Women’s Studies, University of Ottawa

Teaching Experience

Summer 2021: LAWS 2301 Criminal Justice System

Winter 2021: LAWS 3501 Law in the Information Society

Selected Publications

Lonergan, M. (forthcoming). Real scary/Scary real: Consuming simulated and authentic horrors in the post-9/11 digital era. Horror Studies.

Lonergan, M. (2020). Hard-on of darkness: Gore and shock websites as the dark tourism of digital space. Porn Studies, 7(4), 454-458. 

Lonergan, M. (2019). It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s security as pacification! Security as Pacification in Superman Red Son. Panic at the Discourse, 1(2), 77-86.

Lonergan, M. (2018). The surrealism of men’s rights discourses on sexual assault allegations: A feminist reading of Kafka’s The Trial. Atlantis: Journal of Women’s Studies & Culture, 39(1), 18-30.

Lonergan, M. (2017). Witches, bitches, and white feminism: A critical analysis of American Horror Story: Coven. Render: The Carleton Graduate Journal of Art and Culture, 5(1), 1-12.

Selected Conference Presentations

Handling harm or fearing fictions? The criminalization of obscene, extreme, and objectionable content in Canada. Horror, Cult and Exploitation Media IV: An Online Workshop for PhDs and ERCs| Northumbria University, UK, May 13th, 2021

Hard-on of darkness: Gore & shock websites as the dark tourism of digital space. Centre for Interdisciplinary Justice Studies Conference| Winnipeg, Canada, May 6th, 2021 [online due to COVID]

Explicit governance: Authenticity, simulation and snuff in the digital era. Canadian Law and Society Annual Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, June 3 to 5th, 2019

Real scary/Scary real: (Dis)simulated horrors of snuff. Law, Culture and the Humanities, Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Canada, March 22 & 23, 2019

Some Thing You Just Can’t Snuff Out: The Libidinal Economy of Snuff Films. International Meeting of Law and Society, Toronto, Canada, June 7-10th, 2018.