UPDATED: Carleton University Music is excited to announce the 2021 CU Grad Recital Festival, streaming live from the Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre on our official YouTube channel, August 12-14. Join us for three consecutive evenings of LIVE music, as nine of this year’s graduates perform in real-time with select accompanists from across the country. Hosted by Kathy Armstrong, the festival will feature four hours of free programming, each evening, combining live sets with interviews, special guests and some incredible, pre-recorded performances by Carleton Music Alumni. 

» EVENT LISTINGS & STREAMING LINKS: Thursday, August 12 | Friday, August 13 | Saturday, August 14

The 2021 Grad Recital Festival caps off a year marked by challenges that few could have imagined, but also ingenuity and creative adaptation on the part of Music students, instructors and technical staff. In the spring of 2020, we wondered how music instruction, collaboration and performance could possibly carry on under lockdown. Over the following summer, we researched and tested our virtual options. By autumn, Carleton Music was able to launch a full slate of performance courses, Ensembles, and Masterclasses. None of it felt ‘normal,’ but we shared a determination to make it work, enjoying many successes along the way.

This year’s Grad Recital Festival is a culmination of those efforts, but also an opportunity to celebrate how far we have come and the new skills we have developed together. You will see and hear musicians who have not only achieved an important milestone in their musical education, but have also become experts in leading-edge technologies for online collaboration. This virtual edition of the festival is made possible by a collaboration with the Ottawa-based SyncSpace.live platform which allows musicians to play together, almost seamlessly, online. The result is a real-time experience that feels natural and allows musicians to focus on performing together, rather than the technology in between. This was on display during the very successful recital of saxophone student Rebecca Cowal, in May. Rebecca was joined online by a dozen musicians and their performances were live-streamed to hundreds of viewers.  

In support of the Grad Recital Festival, Rebecca has kindly produced a series of Performer Profiles, launching this week on Carleton Music’s website and YouTube channel. Please join Rebecca and she gets to know this year’s performers, their musical inspirations, their journeys, and the great music they have planned for their performances.

The 2021 Grad Recital Festival will be a remarkable feat by dozens of performers, supported in the background by our technical staff, to create a memorable twelve hours of programming. Please join us to experience the exciting variety, and artistic diversity for which Carleton Music is known.


Thursday, August 12

5:30: Joseph Moolecherry, jazz guitar with quartet

7:00: Zachary Sedlar, jazz saxophone with multiple guests including the Raven Sax Quartet 

8:30: Robin Kenny, jazz and neo-soul singer with quartet

Friday, August 13

5:30: Victoria Goodman, Celtic and classical violin, with a band and accompanist

7:00: Skye MacDiarmid, music theatre voice with several guests.

8:30: Kurtis Adamus, singer-songwriter and piano, with a quartet

Saturday, August 14

5:30: Alicia Asp-Chief, pop and operatic voice with piano

7:00: Sam Robinson, classical voice with piano

8:30: Violet Wyche, music theatre with piano 

Special Guests

And stay tuned in between the sets for newly recorded performances by singer Wilchina Bastien, guitarist Tomas Graham, pianist Anthony Kubelka, saxophonist Angelo Leo, bassist Mike Mopas, and drummer Jennie Seaborn, as well as highlights from Rebecca Cowal’s recital. 


For more information, please contact CUGRF Artistic Director, Dr. James McGowan at james.mcgowan@carleton.ca