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PSCI 4809G/5915D – The Politics of Race
Offered Winter 2023 – Register now!
Fridays 11.35 – 14.25
Erin Tolley, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Gender, Race, and Inclusive Politics

Political science frequently offers a disembodied view of politics, one that centres “equal citizens,” the “median voter,” and “universal man.” This course provides a counterpoint to that perspective, providing an in-depth exploration of how race shapes politics in democratic societies, with a focus on Canada. The course introduces concepts and theories that are central to racial analysis, including those related to colonialism, whiteness, and intersectionality. We then use these frameworks to understand how race, gender, and class shape political, economic, and social life, focussing on key sites of racial inequality and struggle, including immigration, policing, health, and education.

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