Date and Time: Wednesday, Jan 31, 1:00-2:00 pm

Location: Carleton University, 4356 ME (Mackenzie Building)


Speaker: Arif Obaid, PhD student and entrepreneur, Ryerson University (Supervisor: Professor Xavier Fernando)

ABSTRACT: Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks (CWSN) offer a solution to the capacity problem for the next generation (B5G) wireless networks. Secondary Users (SU) access the Primary User (PU) network by finding unused spectrum and opportunistically accessing it, thereby increasing system capacity. The techniques required for a CWSN to work effectively result in high energy consumption by the wireless devices; thus battery life suffers a major setback. To counter this problem, various techniques to harvest energy from the environment (solar, thermal, etc.) have been studied in literature. However, recently more attention has been given to harvesting energy from the ambient radio frequency(RF) signal itself. Various schemes have been proposed including Opportunistic and Cooperative RF Wireless Energy Harvesting (RFWEH). Unfortunately, these models require RFWEH from low powered sources, which is not sustainable in the long haul. In order to circumvent this issue, we propose a novel RFWEH scheme for energy efficient and sustainable CWSN’s. We expect that our research work will result in a beyond-5G CWSN model that is not only more efficient than existing models but one that is self sustainable. Furthermore, we believe that such a model will not be limited to a CWSN but will be applicable to other wireless networks.

Speaker Bio: Arif Obaid received the B.A.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto in 1993 and the M.A.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Ottawa in 1995, both in the area of signal and image processing. He worked in collaboration with the National Research Council Canada (NRC) during his masters studies. In 1995, he started a tech company, Global Engineering, to develop state of the art products for the IT industry. In 2016, he joined Ryerson University as a PhD student in electrical and computer engineering. His research interests are in wireless communications and signal processing. He is currently working in the field of energy harvesting in cognitive radio networks.

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