RADS Virtual Seminar

Title: “Software Tracing, Modeling, and Analysis: A Micro Services Use Case”

Speaker: Vahid Azhari & Ling Yin, Ciena, Canada.

Date and Time: January 29, 11:00 AM
Zoom Details: https://carleton-ca.zoom.us/j/93537421280
Meeting ID: 935 3742 1280
Passcode: 381214

Abstract: Software tracing is an indispensable tool for troubleshooting of complex software systems. It complements debuggers by supplying a low overhead execution  trace at several hierarchies from the application down to kernel space. We explain how tracing has been extensively adopted in Ciena for the root cause investigation of some challenging software issues, as well as to collect detailed performance data from our products. We  focus on the LTTng user-space tracing infrastructure that we have adapted to our micro-services solutions, which enables us to perform targeted tracing of requests and spans. We illustrate that effective modeling and analysis tools are integral to taking full benefit of a tracing infrastructure. We also emphasize how correlation between several analysis can be instrumental to a rich tracing and analysis solution.