Students in the winter 2019 offering of MPAD 1002 will be partnering with the Canadian Museum of Nature to propose and design interactive digital media stories.

As patrons, we often take for granted the fact that the best designed museums are multi-modal non-fiction storytellers. More than just a collection of fossils and artefacts, museums combine visual, textual, and tactile elements to teach museum goers about the contents of their collections. Museums even take advantage of mobile and web technologies to add assistive, complementary, and networked layers to their stories.

In our course, we will visit the museum to learn about how curators and content developers make use of the available space and tools to tell stories. Then we will take what was learned in MPAD 1001 and develop our own projects, including, but not limited to digital games, websites, augmented reality, and mobile applications.

[Front page photo © David Kawai]

Friday, August 31, 2018 in ,
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