Broadcast Reciever

Manufacture Period: 1950s

Model: Model 5150 Radio

Sparton of Canada was owned by the Spark-Withington company in Michigan, USA. The founders were Winthrop Withington, Philip H. Whithton and William Sparks. On January 20, 1930, they bought a building in London, Ontario and began producing radios in Canada. They closed in 1978; however, they currently design and manufacture avionics, defense, medical and industrial electronic devices. 

The Sparton Model 5150 Radio was a broadcast receiver or WW2 Tunder. It was built during the 1950s with five tubes, 6 AM circuits, two short wave bands, an alternating 117-volt current supply and a permanent magnet dynamic loudspeaker. 

Manufactured in London, Ontario
On loan from Prof. Allan Thompson

Close-up of Sparton radio

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