Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies

A degree in Communication and Media Studies will give you critical insight into how the media reflect, represent and influence our world. You will also develop essential tools for living in a digitized culture with all the pitfalls and possibilities for connection and understanding.

The Communication and Media Studies program at Carleton prepares you to enter a workforce that expects you to be analytical, skillful and proactive in adjusting to a rapidly changing mediascape, and to build a sense of civic mindedness that will help shape a more fair and equitable future, both locally and globally.

The B.CoMS degree provides you with an academic foundation, and a breadth and depth of coursework that allows you to tailor the degree to your interests. Opportunities for hands-on learning teaches you how to apply your academic background to challenges and problems in the workforce and in your communities.

The strong reputation of our faculty members ensures that you will connect to and build local and international learning and career networks, and our caring and supportive staff will help you navigate the requirements of your degree.

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