Resources and Services

The Reader’s Digest Resource Centre maintains resources particular to the program including:

  • Current Periodicals with back issues (time frame varies by publication)
  • Book Collection (Current & Classic)
  • Journalism & Communication Theses
  • Master’s & Honours Research Projects
  • Media Directories
  • Reference Texts

Lending Policy All materials must remain in the Resource Centre at all times.

Special Collections

Some of the special collections include:

  • Dunton Memorial Communication Research Collections (History of the CBC from 1922-2004 including clippings, biographies, subjects and programs)
  • The McBride Commission Papers of International Communication (A Contribution to the Debate on the New Information and Communication Order – “Collection Zimmerman” 1992)
  • Canadian Communication Association Archive
  • Hurley Burley Collection (“Hurley Burley, A time at the Globe” – drafts, edited and final manuscript of Richard Doyle’s account of his career as editor of the Globe and Mail)
  • The Valour and the Horror (CBC Television Documentary series 1992-1993, briefs to the Senate Committee, book excerpts, articles correspondence and clippings)

These archives have been highly valued for faculty and graduate student research.

A Relaxed Atmosphere

The Resource Centre provides students of the School of Journalism and Communication with:

  • A relaxed, collegial study space
  • Privacy cubicles
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Three conference rooms equipped with monitors and white boards to conduct focus groups, interviews, meet with group project members, instructors or teaching assistants and to organize study groups and/or School Society meetings.
  • Forum for showcasing student work (class projects, published articles) and short term exhibits.
  • Photocopiers
  • Course Reserves