Instructor Kathleen Moss, along with Jillian Fox, a 3rd year Criminology & Criminal Justice student, were selected for a 2021 FUSION Grant in Skills Development, for their project “Education & Student Experience: Integrating the FUSION curriculum within Education Courses in Sociology”. This project will create online resource modules which will assist sociology instructors on how to embed FUSION into their undergraduate education courses. This proposal seeks to bridge this gap between the current FUSION modules and sociology of education courses by utilizing a more tailored curriculum with elements of teaching practice embedded in the modules. This product would assist instructors with integrating FUSION into education courses by: delivering resources for tips and strategies in the field of education; creating a skill development template for curating assignments in cuPorfolio; and developing a student feedback survey designed with education students in mind. These modules have the potential to improve the delivery of the FUSION curriculum for instructors and explicitly connect course content to skill development for students in this course area.