Sociology and Anthropology Undergraduate Students


Relaunching the Honours Thesis in Sociology

Attention undergraduate students interested in social justice issues:

There are two new courses being introduced in the 2016/17 school year focused on social justice issues. The courses are under the category of ‘special topics’ courses for now, but it is our hope that they will become regular courses the following year, pending approval by the university.

SOCI 2820 will be an introduction to social justice issues, topics, and themes; SOCI 3220 will involve a series of guest lectures from community members engaged in social justice work, to advance discussions of social justice in action.

The Sociology undergraduate program is intending to make these courses required for a future Social Justice Concentration, pending approval. In the meantime, we hope that many students will enroll for these courses and give them a try!

Program Changes for 2016-2017

As a result of changes to our Sociology methods course offerings, students admitted to the Sociology BA Honours, Sociology BA General or the Sociology Minor prior to 2016-17 will no longer be able to complete their methods program requirements as previously constituted.   Attached are the new program requirements and course descriptions.