Photo of Abra Wenzel

Abra Wenzel

Contract Instructor

Degrees:B.A. (McGill University), M.A. (University of Victoria)

Research interests

• Indigenous textile art
• Indigenous/colonial intersections
• Tourism
• Museum practices and methodologies
• Collaborative anthropology

Areas of interest

I am a PhD student in Anthropology at Carleton University. I take an economic anthropology approach to my research and explore the importance of Indigenous women’s textile arts and the tourism industry in the Canadian Subarctic. I have worked in the Arctic and Subarctic for the past seven years and my previous experience is in museum research.

My approach draws on my work as a collaborative researcher. I intend to take my experiences and foster a learning environment that encourages open dialogue, learning, and listening. I am committed to creating an inclusive environment that supports collaborative learning.

Selected Publications

Wenzel, A. (2021) Circling Covid: Making in the Time of a Pandemic. Anthropologica 63(1).

Wenzel, A. (2018) Tufted Caribou Hair Picture. Otsego Alumni Review.

Wenzel, A. (2017) The Literary Pen: Deconstructing the Normalized View of the Indian Residential School Experience”. Platforum: Journal od Graduate Studies in Anthropology 15: 121-143.

Other Publications

Wenzel, A. (2021) Spider Woman’s Knowledge and the Survival of Diné Textile Arts. School of Advanced Research.