Photo of Diana Margarit

Diana Margarit

Visiting Professor

Degrees:Ph.D. (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University)

Diana Margarit, PhD, currently works as a lecturer at Alexandru Ioan University in the Department of Political Science, International Relations and European Studies, Iasi, Romania, where she lectures on social movements, political ideologies, international organizations and comparative politics. She has written On the Edges of Democracy. From nation-state to the global sphere [in Romanian], 2013 and co-authored (with A. Carpinschi) a book on International Organizations [both the Romanian and English editions], 2011. She has also co-edited (with Alexandru Tofan) The Bestiary of Power [in Romanian], 2014. Her areas of interest include social movements in the 21 century, and more precisely, the most Romanian protests, civil society and global governance.