Photo of Eloy Rivas-Sanchez

Eloy Rivas-Sanchez

Contract Instructor

Degrees:Ph.D. Sociology with Specialization in Political Economy (Carleton University)
Office:A713 Loeb Building

My research praxis is guided by the normative principle which considers that scientific inquiry must serve the purposes of human life improvement and emancipation, including emancipation from harm and suffering. Guided by that principle, my solo and collaborative research has interrogated how wider social structures and processes affect the lives and wellbeing of vulnerable populations, and how those affected develop agency to overcome their socially induced vulnerability.

Working in close collaboration with undocumented workers, racialized minorities, migrant justice organizations, people living with HIV, sexual minorities, subaltern mestizo men in rural communities, and indigenous organizations, both in the South and Global North, I have learned how mixing research, education, and community organizing can provide the basis upon which positive social change can occur.

That is why I am also passionate about teaching. Inspired by Paulo Freire and by those who have taught me, I believe that education is a collaborative practice in and for freedom, and that the goal of the learning process is to cultivate, through horizontal communication and reflexive dialogue, a critical understanding of the social world and a practical will to transform it in a way that people’s lives can be improved. Therefore, I pay close attention to my teaching practices and try to engage with the students in the creation of learning environments that help to cultivate a richer understanding of the social world while fostering love for life and freedom.

I am interested in collaborating with people researching, teaching or engaged in topics linked to precarious migration; labour and work; race/class/gender; political economy; ethnography; critical pedagogy, and prefigurative politics.

Selected Publications:

2019. “Travail abstrait, socialisation et social (dés) intégration des sans-papiers au Canada.” Travail, mobilités, subjectivités et formes d’assujettissement dans les Amériques, Alexis Martig et Jorge Pantaleon (coords.). Québec, CA: Presses de l’Université Laval- Collection Nord/Sud.

2019. “Pourquoi nous nous opposons au nouveau centre de détention pour immigrants à Laval?”, Perspectives (Op. Ed), HuffPost Quebec.

2018. “Pedagogies against Dispossession: Principles for a Transformative Ecodemopedagogy as Vehicle for Social and Environmental justice” [In Spanish] International Journal of Education for Social Justice 7 (1): 69-93. Co-authored with Paul R. Carr, Gina Thésée & Sandra Molano

2018. “Whiteness and Racism in Education: Some Ideas to Help Construct Schools for more Democratic Societies.” [in Spanish] Justicia e Interculturalidad. Análisis y pensamiento plural en América y Europa, Jerjes Loayza y Marianella Ledezma (eds) pp: 143-167. Lima, Peru: Centro de Estudios Constitucionales del Tribunal Constitucional del Perú. Coauthored with Paul R. Carr

2015. “Espacios de ‘ilegalidad’: El caso de trabajadores mexicanos en dos comunidades rurales de Canadá,” Trabajadores Agrícolas Temporales en Norteamérica, Martha Judith Sánchez y Sara María Lara (Coords.). Distrito Federal, MEX: UNAM. Co-authored with Tanya Basok, Danielle Belanger & Guillermo Cándiz

2014. “Claiming Rights to Workplace Safety: Latin American Immigrant Workers in Ontario” Canadian Ethnic Studies 46 (3): 35-53. Co-authored with Tanya Basok & Alan Hall

2014. “Reproducing Deportability: Migrant Agricultural Workers in South-western Ontario” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 40 (9): 1394-1413.
Co-authored with Tanya Basok & Danielle Bellanger

2013. Choosing to Become Unauthorized: A Case Study of Mexican Migrant Farm Workers in Leamington. Toronto, Ontario: CERIS – The Ontario Metropolis Centre. Co-authored with Tanya Basok & Danielle Belanger

2005. “¿El varon como factor de riesgo? Masculinidad y mortalidad por accidentes y otras causas violentas en la sierra de Sonora” Estudios Sociales, 25 (13): 28-65

2005. “Los discursos sexuales conservadores en Sonora.” Los rostros del conservadurismo mexicano, R. de la Torre, M. García, and J. Ramirez (eds.) pp: 309-334. Mexico DF, MEX: CIESAS.

2005. “El VIH/Sida y los derechos humanos en México.” Los Derechos Humanos y la Globalización, pp: 85-92. Mexico DF, MEX: CNDH.

2004. “Entre la temeridad y la responsabilidad. Masculinidad, riesgo y mortalidad por violencia en la sierra de Sonora”, 2004, Desacatos. Revista de Antropología Social, 15-16 (1): 69-89.


SOCI 5404 “Race, Class, and Ethnicity in Contemporary Societies” (Graduate Seminar), Fall 2019

SOCI 3030 “Studies in Work, Industry and Occupations: Authority and Expertise,” Winter 2020.