Photo of Jyri Liukko

Jyri Liukko

Visiting Scholar

Degrees:D.Soc.Sc. (Helsinki)

Jyri Liukko is Senior Researcher at the Finnish Centre for Pensions and at the University of Tampere, Finland. He holds a PhD from the University of Helsinki. His specialization is social insurance and pensions. His research focuses on disability pension schemes, work disability prevention and the relationship between private and social insurance.

Recent Publications

Cooperation of return-to-work professionals: the challenges of multi-actor work disability management’ (with N. Kuuva, Disability and Rehabilitation 2017).

Producing solidarity, inequality and exclusion through insurance’ (with T.-K. Lehtonen, Res Publica 2015).

Genetic discrimination, insurance, and solidarity: an analysis of the argumentation for fair risk classification’ (New Genetics and Society 2010).