Photo of Bernhard Leistle

Bernhard Leistle

Associate Professor

Degrees:PhD (Heidelberg)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1955
Office:C775 Loeb Building

Areas of Interest

Phenomenological Anthropology, Phenomenology, Psychiatric Anthropology, Anthropology of Performance, Semiotics, Morocco

Notice: I will be on sabbatical from July 2022 to June 2023


I am a cultural anthropologist working at the intersection of anthropology, philosophy and psychology. My main theoretical interest is the translation and application of concepts from philosophical phenomenology (in particular Merleau-Ponty, Levinas and Waldenfels) to empirical research problems in anthropology. I am currently working on the development of a phenomenological theory of performativity and performance in anthropology.

Previously my work concentrated on exploring the fertility of the phenomenological notion of the Other for anthropology. Results of this effort have appeared in form of the edited volume Anthropology and Alterity – Responding to the Other, published by Routledge (2017).

I have conducted ethnographic research on trance- and possession rituals in Morocco and am presently preparing a new ethnographic project on culture and practices of psychiatry in Germany and Canada.

On the undergraduate level, I am teaching a wide variety of courses, e.g. Introduction to Anthropology (ANTH 1001), Psychological Anthropology (ANTH 2070), Culture and Symbols (ANTH 2500), Art, Culture and Society (ANTH/SOCI 3570).

For graduate students I am offering courses corresponding to my research interests: Anthropology of Performance (ANTH 5505) and Phenomenology for Anthropologists and Sociologists (ANTH 5501).

I am available for supervision in the areas of phenomenological anthropology, applied phenomenology, performance and performativity, and semiotics. I am particularly interested in working with students whose projects apply these perspectives to psychiatry and medicine, court trials and legal practices, performative arts, sensory and bodily practices.



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Journal Articles and Book Chapters (Selection):

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