On Saturday October 5, Carleton University’s greenhouse made the news!

The biology greenhouse has been home to a 30-year old Queen Victoria agave. This plant is unusual to have as it comes from Mexico and is accustomed to warmer climates.

As The Queen Victoria agave has been growing a tall stalk that nearly reaches the ceiling of the greenhouse for the past month. The growth of the stalk symbolizes that the agave is nearing its life cycle and is preparing to bloom for an explosive finale. “It will start blooming at the bottom and work its way up,” said Ed Bruggink, the biology greenhouse manager, pointing at flower buds on the stalk. “It’s just like fireworks going off. It explodes, one by one.”

To read more of the Biology department’s Queen Victoria agave read the original article at CBC: ‘A momentous event’ Rare plant set to bloom for 1st time – and then die