The Biology department’s Green House Manager Ed Bruggink was recently featured on an article by Joseph Mathieu.

The article describes the department’s annual butterfly show that is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary which will be taking place from Oct. 5 to 13. Visitors from all over will come to the greenhouse to view the fluttering butterflies. Ed emphasizes the importance of the volunteers and how the show wouldn’t be where it is today without them. Visitors will receive educational tours from students volunteers from “Let’s Talk Science”.

This show’s success is due to people’s love of butterflies. Ed has mentioned that an estimated 10,000 people attended the show last year. Guests will be able to learn from the displays the show has and from the various volunteers. The butterfly show was created by Ed with the intention of educating and impressing visitors “We have the facilities and the expertise. Why not try?” he says.

The show has been free since the begining and the costs have been offset by $5 and $10 donations, though it has been harder to raise in cash in recent years. Thus a FutureFunder campaign was launched this year to ensure that the butterfly show can continue to be a local Thanksgiving tradition.

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Photos by Chris Roussakis