Congratulations to ICCJ Professor Jeffrey Monaghan on the publication of his new co-edited volume, Disability Injustice: Confronting Criminalization in Canada.  (

Disability Injustice is an edited volume is published by University of British Columbia Press, within the Disability Culture Politics series. The volume was co-edited with Carleton Sociology professor Kelly Fritsch ( and Emily van der Meulen, a colleague from Ryerson Criminology (

The volume confronts challenging topics such as eugenics and crime control; the pathologizing of difference as deviance within criminal law systems; processes of criminalization based on discretionary, biased approaches to physical and mental health; and the role of disability justice activism in contesting longstanding discrimination and exclusion. Weaving together disability and sociolegal studies, criminology, and law, they examine disability in relation to various agencies and aspects of the criminal justice system. Policing and surveillance, sentencing and the courts, prisons and other carceral spaces, and alternatives to confinement are among the areas of focus.

Among the excellent chapters in the volume, Jeffrey and Abigail Curlew provide a chapter on policing and the #endpoliceviolence hashtag movement. Disability Injustice also includes a chapter from ICCJ Professor Alexander McClelland on resistance to HIV criminalization.