While building your engineering schedule may seem like a challenging task, we are here to help!

10 Steps for Engineering Registration

Step 1:  Run your audit in Carleton Central to confirm (1) your catalog year, and (2) which courses you have successfully completed.

Step 2: Review your program progression map – be sure to select the correct catalog year for your current program – and identify which courses you need to take next. Students can also use the Timetable Assistant within the EOR system to look up program requirements by year.


  • it’s important to stay on-track with the terms in which courses are scheduled for in your program map.
  • If you are already off-track from your program map, then it is recommended that you discuss your course plan with your academic advisor BEFORE you register. Taking courses out of sequence will cause scheduling issues and may delay your graduation.


Step 3: Verify that you meet the prerequisites for all the courses you plan to register for. Some courses have year status prerequisites in addition to course prerequisites with minimum grade requirements. More information about prerequisites is available here.

Step 4: Once you have a list of courses you’d like to add to your timetable, usually 4-6 per term, start by doing a Class Search in Carleton Central for your core courses to identify which SECTIONS ARE RESERVED for your program/year level. This information is included in the “Section Information” listed under each course section.

Step 5: Once you have the sections for engineering courses identified, add these to the Engineering Scheduler Tool.

Step 6: Once your core courses are in the Engineering Scheduler Tool, add in mathematics, science, and elective courses.

Note: if you cannot create any conflict-free timetables (this may happen if you’re off-track from your program map) please double-check that the engineering core courses you’ve included in your schedule are actually the ones reserved for your program.

Step 7: If you need to add an elective, use the approved lists to identify one that will fit in your schedule.

Step 8: Record the CRNs for all courses included in your Scheduler Tool draft timetable. You will need one list of the 5-digit “course registration numbers”, aka CRNs, for each term.

Note: each lecture and lab will have its own CRN, so one engineering course usually has 2 CRNs

Step 9: Add courses to your worksheet via the Build Your Timetable/Registration link in Carleton Central

You can look up each of these courses via the Class Search page, or select the ‘View Worksheet’ button at the bottom of the Search page and enter the CRNs into the empty textboxes and select ‘Add Course(s)’.

Note: review any registration warnings that populate when you add courses to your worksheets. If you need assistance understanding registration warnings, please take a screenshot and send to EngAcadSupport@carleton.ca.

Step 10: Immediately when your time-ticket opens, log in to Carleton Central and submit your worksheet to register in the courses.

If you run into registration errors for engineering courses and are certain you need access to that course/section, please submit an Engineering Override Request.

If you run into registration errors for non-engineering courses, please submit a Registration Override request via Carleton Central.