Carleton University Industrial Design Students received recognition at this year’s ACIDO Rocket Awards. Two of the three Awards of Excellence were granted to Carleton Industrial Design students, as well as seven of eleven of the sponsored awards.

Congratulations to all award recipients!

Awards of Excellence
Rocket Second Place Winner: Ren Wang
Rocket Third Place Winner: Cora Vasut

Awards of Merit and Speciality
Copernicus | Future Generations Award: Vanessa Gunnell
Cortex Design | User Experience Award: Cora Vasut
Entro | Design Thinking Award: Sash Mahara
Healthcraft | Innovation Award: Nate Wiersma
Inertia | Design Concept Award: Chris Lee
Modus | Research Award: Amélie Houle
Eventscape | Prototype Award: Amélie Houle

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