Project I – Campaign design for COVID-19


Covid 19 pandemic has dramatically changed our lives and relationships over the past few years. It has disrupted our everyday life events such as international travel, annual cultural and religious festivals, weddings, school life, and work… etc. This global crisis still has many issues and concerns that are required for people’s attention and awareness. For example, masks are essential for stopping the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic and they have become an everyday accessory. However, what are the effects of the huge increase in the use of disposable masks? The environment is in danger of being another victim if masks are not properly disposed of. In this project, your team designs a creative social campaign for a challenging issue in the current COVID-19 pandemic for the general public or specific groups.

Studio Project Objectives

“ To develop a unique campaign design idea to tackle an emergent issue of COVID-19 pandemic”

The most powerful campaign always captures the essence of the current issue. This is often the result of careful planning and seizing the opportunity when it presents itself. With the advent of Covid-19, the past few years have been difficult for everyone, and have also presented a unique set of challenges for every community and society. This project asks you to develop an innovative campaign design scenario that increases public awareness of a certain issue, provokes people to think about the issue more seriously, and changes their behavior to make the situation better.

Plates For Fates – Therese Abou-Assaf, Sara Berkes, Yasmine Butlin-Legras, Jingyuan Wang
Interactive Floor Panel – Fernanda Fontes, Hooman Gheshlaghi, Medea Rasheed
Digi Passport – Katherine Barrett, Leah Ross, Niyousha Saeidi, Son Vu Dang

Project II – Mural design project

Studio Project Objectives

The Innovation Hub in Nicol building seeks to undertake a university-wide consultative design project on the concepts of INNOVATION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP. While there are widely accepted technical definitions of the two terms, we are interested in capturing the “lived” definitions of the terms, e.g., what do the terms mean for an Arts and Social Science student, or an Engineering student? How do students from each faculty at Carleton University view, or not view, themselves as part of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem at the university? The project, led by MDes students in IDES 5103, will seek to capture students’ views from across the faculties and develop an ecosystem-based design concept that can represent the complexity of the system while providing potential pathways for greater student engagement around innovation and entrepreneurship. After the design phase, we would like to run a student competition to build a mural in the Innovation Hub based on the design concept that ID students will develop as part of the project.

Plinko Mural – Therese Abou-Assaf, Katherine Barrett, Yasmine Butlin, Son Vu Dang
Doodle Mural – Medea Rasheed, Niyousha Saeidi, Fernanda Fontes, Hooman Gheshlaghi
Colored Panel Mural – Sara Berkes, Leah Ross, Jingyuan Wang