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Roxanne | Lancaster University
Film Studies

“I would say start by dreaming: what kind of things can you imagine yourself doing? Then research what kind of places and opportunities that could be suitable for you and what you’re doing. Then do any and all preparation as soon as you can, you’ll get yourself just excited enough to go for it!”

Kevin | Nanzan University
Computer Science

“It has been a very insightful and educational experience meeting and socializing with students from all over the world as we discuss and share our cultural similarities and backgrounds. I’ve also spent a lot of time travelling to various locations in Japan, immersing myself in the various histories and traditions of locations ranging from metropolitan cities to the quieter rural villages.”

Cassandra | University of Leeds
Communication and Media Studies

“I gained confidence, so many new experiences, close friends, and a love for a new country and travelling! I even threw a Thanksgiving dinner for my exchange friends, since none of them had experienced the holiday before. I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner for my friends from Germany, Singapore, Mexico, France, South Korea, and the UK!”

Arik | Tecnológico de Monterrey
Architectural Studies 

“Being able to live on my own in a foreign country, communicating in a new language, making friends from all over the world – these were the main skills/experiences that I gained during my exchange. These are experiences that you will never forget and that could change your life.”

Lauren | Université Jean Moulin Lyon III
International Business

“I cannot even begin to describe how amazing my exchange was. I believe it contributed to every aspect of my being, in one way or another. It firstly forced me to step out of my comfort zone, it enabled me to make lifelong friendships, it improved my ability to communicate with others, it demonstrated how to live alone (specifically in a foreign country) and it made me appreciate how fortunate I have been to experience all of this.”

Evaline| Lancaster University
Environmental Science, Specialization in Biology

“My favourite memory from my exchange was being able to take part in a field course to Mt. Etna, Sicily where we spent a week hiking around the active volcano learning about volcanic processes and spent our nights exploring the sights of Sicily including eating copious amounts of pizza.”

Rita | Sciences Po
M.A. International Affairs, NPSIA

“It was always my dream to study in Paris and I can say that it was the best academic decision I have ever taken during this whole Masters experience. As an International Affairs students, it allowed me to build a strong network of brilliant like-minded individuals, discover various new cultures, and even helped me gain a job at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) headquarters!”

Victoria | University of Liverpool
Global Politics, Communications and Media Studies

“My advice to someone considering going on exchange would be to take your time and do your research. Carleton has so many partnerships with institutions all over the world so it can be overwhelming trying to make your selection. Take your time, read about the institutions and about the cities they are located in. This will help in assuring that you have selected institutions that are right for you.”

Mathieu | University of South Australia
Law, Minor in Political Science

“I was always keen on experiencing something different and challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone. The exchange most definitely did this for me and grew my personal confidence and gave me a chance to see the world and meet amazing people, friends who I will no doubt have for the remainder of my life. Pick a destination you’ve always wanted to go, or a language you’ve wanted to learn and go to that country and immerse yourself in the local cultures. If you second guess yourself, don’t, because at the end of it, you won’t want to leave.”

Martha | University of Warsaw
Political Science, Minor in Psychology

“The advice I would give to someone considering an exchange would be DO IT! It’s an experience that is truly a once in a lifetime experience that you will be able to look back on forever. The friendships formed, the memories made, the culture that you are immersed in, and the newfound way of looking at life. As cheesy as it may sound, there is no limit as to what one wants to do!”

Max | University of East Anglia

“One of my favourite memories was finally visiting Poland. I am half-Polish and had always wanted to return to my father’s home country, so I spent two weeks immersing myself in several Polish cities. I also particularly loved biking throughout downtown Copenhagen. Do not be afraid to travel on your own. It can seem daunting at first, especially if you’re someone who has only ever travelled in groups or with friends, but travelling alone has its perks as you can travel exactly the way you want.”

Hannah | University of Edinburgh
Global and International Studies, Specialization in Law

“I chose to study abroad because I wanted a unique university experience and meet new people. Once you get there, treat the new city like your home. Explore as much as possible and to make as many friends as you can! It will allow you to enjoy your experience much more. ”