On June 27th, ITS will be turning off the clutter feature on your Microsoft Exchange account.

Once the clutter feature has been turned off, messages will no longer be delivered to your clutter folder.  Messages that were previously going into your clutter folder will appear in your Inbox.

Clutter is a feature of the Microsoft Exchange email account that sorts your emails based on your behaviour.  The clutter folder contains email messages that you normally delete or do not reply such as newsletters, social media notifications etc – email that is not junk but can ‘clutter’ up your inbox.

ITS has received concerns that important messages could be filtered into the clutter folder and left unread.

As such, on June 27th ITS is going to turn off the clutter feature on our student, staff, and faculty email systems.

Anyone who would like to continue using the clutter feature can turn this feature back on.  Steps along with a video are available here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.