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This special edition of Spotlight on IT focuses not on a trend, but on the great work done in our IT department to prepare for the new academic year.


In addition to the services below, we have also published a short guide to help students become familiar with the IT services they will come in contact with during their time at Carleton. For a complete list of services, students are encouraged to check out CU Start, a transition guide provided by the Office of the Vice-President (Students and Enrolment).

Service Desk

Last September Stats
It’s no surprise that September is our busiest time of the year, as is the case for many departments on campus. You could say that our staff have been preparing themselves mentally for the influx of requests. Last September the ITS Service Desk created 3496 tickets with 48% of the requests coming in via email.  They had a 60% first call resolution rate and our satisfaction survey results reported a 97% satisfaction rate.

Service Desk Bookcamp
Our student Service Desk employees are integral to our service offering as they enable us to provide support outside of university business hours –  till 10:30 pm Mon-Thurs, till 10 pm Friday, and from 12-8 pm weekends.  To prepare them for the types of requests they will receive, 16 students attended a three day ‘bootcamp’ with presentation from subject matter experts from across ITS covering everything from passwords to wireless.

Residence Move-In Support
This weekend thousands of students will be moving into residence.  Housing and Residence Life Services have streamlined their processes to ensure a smooth transition for students, and a number of service departments from across campus will be there to help, including our own ITS staff.  We’ll be there to support students with onsite network (wired and wireless) setup, account access, software access, and hardware support.

Classroom Support

Wireless Screen-Sharing
Following successful pilots in Tory 446/7 and Southam 306, wireless screen-sharing unshackles instructors from the podium, allowing them to roam their lecture room, while transmitting the video of their iPad to the classroom projector. With Instructional Media Services (IMS) assuming technical support, another dozen classrooms in Tory are being targeted for updating this fall.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides students with the option to access course-specific software directly from their laptops, which are often used in class with guidance from the instructor.  VDI was introduced at Carleton in 2014 and there are now almost 100 classrooms that are VDI-ready. In these classrooms, Wi-Fi capacity is specially engineered to allow every student to open a VDI connection

Free MS Office for Students
Microsoft is offering students in select educational institutions, including Carleton University, the MS Office software suite, at no charge while they are at Carleton.  For information on how to download the software, visit our MS Office page.


cuLearn Upgrade
Carleton’s Learning Management System, CuLearn, will be getting its annual upgrade on Sept 3, going from Moodle version 2.8.7 to version 3.1.1, with improvements to the gradebook and the overall system performance. Planning for the upgrade generally utilizes the ITS Project Management Methodology, from the Initiation phase to the Closure Phase. Schedules and test plans are developed and actioned upon for respective areas of responsibility by both the EDC and ITS. An upgrade of the LMS roughly takes about three months to complete (start to finish).

Windows 10 Deployed to Student Labs
Over 1000 campus lab computers were updated over the summer with the latest image which includes 64-bit Windows 10 Enterprise, along with roughly 40 applications and programs. To ensure software students need for their class work was included, the image was built with feedback from faculty and Computing Support Units (CSUs) across campus.

Next Edition

We will resume our regular format next month with a spotlight on IT security, just in time for Cyber Security Awareness Month