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This month’s spotlight is on Social Media.


Social Media Usage

Social Media Networks

The IT Behind Social Media

Social Media in the Classroom: A Student’s Perspective

Social Media can be an effective tool in the classroom for engaging students in course material and encouraging collaboration amongst students and instructors.

This month, Madison Pearce, a co-op student with Web Services, shares her experiences using social media in the classroom and offers a few suggestions to faculty members looking to implement social media in their teaching plans.  Read more…

5 Things We Thought You Should Know

  1. Stats: In April, of the 1,978 tickets opened, 56% of tickets were resolved at first contact by the ITS Service Desk. Check out more stats like this in our latest infographic.
  2. CANHEIT: This year Carleton will be well represented at the Canadian Higher Education Information Technology (CANHEIT) conference with six presentations.
  3. CCMS Update: Web Services have been working to continuously improve the CCMS and are now on version 1.8 of the new template. This point upgrade includes new thumbnail images, text editing enhancements, and bug fixes.
  4. Research at Carleton: Wondering what that The 1,600-square-foot, two-storey solar-powered house is perched on a low hill at the north end of Carleton’s campus? It’s Carleton’s new Urbandale Centre for Home Energy Research.
  5. Mark your calendars: Carleton University Appreciation Day on Friday, June 17.

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