In 2021, Carleton University refreshed its brand with a new logo, brand guidelines and more. It was an exciting development that strengthens our message and provides an identity distinct from others.

Looking for a way to help spread the word about our new brand identity? One quick and easy way for faculty and staff members of Carleton to help is by swapping your current email signature format with the updated look and feel provided by

Not sure how to change your signature? Start by clicking this link to download the signature file directly, or visit Carleton’s Brand page, navigate to the file under the Brand Templates section, and download the signature file.

Next you’ll need to update your signature within your email application of choice. The file above contains instructions on how to do this but, whether you are using your Carleton email on Outlook for Windows, Mac or the web, we’ve included links to helpful tutorials below that should assist:

Need help? Visit to learn about ways we can assist.

When members of the Carleton community engage with the public, they influence our reputation and our brand. This includes email communications. Thanks for your help!

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