Photo of Dani Kranz

Dani Kranz

Academic Anthropologist; Director at Two Foxes Consulting

Dani Kranz’s Profile:

Through the German Academic Exchange Service, or DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), Dani Kranz is a DAAD Visiting Professor at Ben Gurion University, Israel. She is also the director of Two Foxes Consulting, Germany and Israel. An applied academic, she is trained in anthropology, social psychology and history, her thematic expertise covers migration, ethnicity, law, state/stateliness, political life, organisations as well as memory politics. She has been conducting long-term fieldwork in Europe and the Middle East. Her current work concerns the genesis of moral economies as well as Jewish life and the fight against antisemitism. Her work as a consultant to the high commissioner of the German government focuses on Jewish life, and the fight against antisemitism.

Her most recent publications examine the many facets of current Jewish life in Germany: “Living and Loving Jews in the German Present: Jewish Life Beyond the Past, and Beyond Antisemitism, and the article “(Friendly) Strangers in Their Own Land No More: Third-Generation Jews and Socio-Political Activism in the Present in Germany”,