Limmud, the Hebrew word for “learning,” is a volunteer run celebration and festival of Jewish thought, arts, culture, life, learning and teaching. Participants come from a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds, affiliations, denominations, circumstances and orientations. The Limmud model is built on the premise that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to share. What’s more, Limmud is a multi-generational, multi-denominational, diverse and inclusive event, welcoming all types of Jews and creating a community of learners.

Limmud Ottawa is an ambitious and passionate organization, part of a global movement with a global reputation for creating events with a lively approach to Jewish learning. We are driven by the belief that diversity of perspective, dedication to learning in its broadest sense, and a strong sense of volunteerism are keys to mobilizing and inspiring Jewish individuals and community. We’re inspired, led and run by volunteers. We’re committed to harnessing the energy of people from right across the Jewish community – all ages, all religious affiliations & none –  and from across the world.

See Limmud Ottawa‘s website to keep up to date on information.