Course Offerings Relating to Judaism and Jewish Studies

Winter 2024

RELI 1700: Judaism, Christianity, Islam

Instructor: Andrea Lobel

A survey of the history, beliefs and practices of these major religious traditions.
Precludes additional credit for RELI 1000.


RELI 1741: Global Religions: Identity and Community

Instructor: Alyshea Cummins

An introduction to major issues in the study of religion in global contexts, drawing on historical and contemporary examples.


RELI 2110: Judaism

Instructor: Deidre Butler

The history of Judaism and the Jewish people from the Second Temple until the present day. The organization, basic beliefs, social and ethical practices of the Jews and Judaism.


RELI 2710: Maccabees to Muhammad – 2nd half

Instructor: Timothy Pettipiece

The early history, literature and ideas of Judaism, Christianity and Islam from 200 BCE to 750 CE.
Precludes additional credit for RELI 2208.
Prerequisite(s): restricted to students in the Bachelor of Humanities & Religion program.


RELI 2713: Mystical and Contemplative Traditions

Instructor: Mohammed Rustom

An historical and functional study of mystical experiences in their religious contexts, relying on examples from selected traditions such as the Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim.


RELI 2732: Death and Afterlife

Instructor: Christopher Jensen

The meaning of death and afterlife in some religious traditions and secular philosophies with emphasis on the Hindu teaching of the immortal soul; the Hebraic idea of collective survival; the Christian doctrine of resurrection of the body; the Buddhist conception of no-soul and nirvana.


RELI 2741: Big Questions in Religious Studies

Instructor: Zeba Crook

In this Inquiry course, students will be introduced to a specific topic in Religious Studies (e.g., ritual, narrative, space) and develop a research project related to it. Focus on fostering intellectual curiosity and developing practical skills of reading, writing and research fundamentals.