The Zelikovitz Centre is pleased to organize and sponsor an annual interdisciplinary graduate student conference called the “Student Colloquium”. Each year, a theme is chosen to bring students working in the area of Jewish Studies into conversation with students working in a wide range of disciplines across the university.

2024 Annual Student Colloquium

The Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies and the Religion Department, College of the Humanities at Carleton University invited students across disciplines and institutions at the BA Honours, MA, and doctoral levels to share their research with peers in a scholarly setting.

The colloquium took place on April 12, 2024.

Co-chairs Emily Biggar-Heil and Peter Heyck organized the colloquium with papers from a variety of disciplines and institutions. The colloquium presented student research centered around the theme of Religion in Context: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. The colloquium was well attended by faculty and students, who were able to engage in thoughtful and collegial discussion in response to the impressive research presented.

Saar Karam presented a paper entitled Buddhist Websites in Ottawa: Local Trends in Religion. Peter Heyck presented research on the topic of Brain-death Determination and Spiritual Care in Clinical Settings. Ben Stern’s paper discussed Casting Memories: Design Methods for Holocaust Remembrance. Emily Biggar-Heil presented a paper titled The History of Jews in the Land of Israel. Adam Jones presented research on Pilgrimage and Syncretism in the Christianisation of Egypt. Krista Arnold presented a paper titled Far-right Religion and Politics on Marginalised Communities. Sean Proctor presented research on Church and State in Utah. Finally, Gabriel Casola presented research on the subject of Developing Intercultural Competencies to Teach Ukraine Refugees Religion in Poland.

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