The Zelikovitz Centre is proud of this work, produced in collaboration with CHES between 2015-2020, while CHES was affiliated with the ZC.

The 2019 Teachers’ Workshop took place Thursday, November 14, 2019 at Temple Israel.

2019 Holocaust Education Month theme: Antisemitism Then and Now

This year marked 81 years since the outbreak of World War II.   This year’s theme for Holocaust Education Month (HEM) was Antisemitism Then and NowWe live in a world that is constantly changing, we are challenged by the rise of far-right extremist groups, fake news, and the increase in antisemitism and racism. This reality compelled us to focus HEM programs on antisemitism. It is a theme that ran through this HEM launch event and two of our workshops, the Teachers’ Workshop and a Law Enforcement Workshop.  A theme that offers points of entry for learning about the dangers of hate and discrimination.

The Teachers’ Workshop theme explored the complexities of antisemitism through the Ages and was facilitated by Bernie Farber the CEO of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. His career spans more than a quarter of a century focusing on human rights, anti-racism, pluralism and inter-ethnic/faith/race relations. His efforts have been documented in numerous Canadian human rights publications, newspapers, and magazines. He is a former chief executive officer of the Canadian Jewish Congress and his expertise has been sought by a broad range of organizations. And by Len Rudner a member of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. He is a Principal at Len Rudner & Associates, a consultancy focusing on community advocacy, diversity, and human rights. He is the former Director of Community Relations and Outreach for the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA).

The material presented in the 2019 Teachers’ Workshop on November 14 is available here.  Below are links to resources used during the 2019 Teachers’ Workshop. Additionally, we are providing you with sample lesson plans on the topic of antisemitism created by Kenra Maroz.

Workshop Outline

What is Antisemtism

  • Various definitions
  • IHRA definition

Historical/Philosophical Roots of Antisemitism

  • From anti-Judaism to Antisemitism
  • National Socialism and the Holocaust

Post-War to the Present

  • Allen Gardens
  • Racist Riots in Canada
  • The Heritage Front
  • The rise of the alt-Right

Our Challenges

  • Holocaust Denial
  • Technology/Social Media
  • Demagogues and Populists
  • Recruitment

Our response

  • Holocaust Education
  • But not just Holocaust Education
  • Creating a responsible citizenry
  • Practicing what we preach


Images used in the workshop Antisemitism Then and Now

Kenra Maroz Lesson Plan

Kenra Maroz: Antisemitism Through the Ages – Guideline to Contents of Lesson Plans

Introduction Page

Part One: Historical Background Details

  • “Basic Time Line Ancient World”
  • “Christian Attitudes and Legislation Concerning Jews”

Part Two: Lesson Plans

  1. Lesson One: Text — “A Jewish Lament” (poem)
    1. Discussion Questions for “A Jewish Lament”
  2. Lesson Two: Text – “Terezin” (poem)
    1. Discussion Questions for “Terezin”
  3. Lesson Three: Text – “Toronto Public School Responds to Anti-Semitic Incident” (article)
    1. Discussion Questions for “Toronto Public School . . .”

Part Three: Text Source Credits