Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Graduate students have the option to enroll as external students in Modern Hebrew language courses, offered year-round. Graduate students who wish to study other languages or take graduate courses in other areas have the option to enroll in Graduate Non-Degree Program. Other language options offered at the Rothberg International School’s Division of Graduate Studies include Biblical Hebrew, Literary Arabic, Greek and Akkadian. You can find more information here.

In addition, graduate non-degree students may enroll in courses at the other faculties and departments of the Hebrew University (with permission from the relevant faculty or department), such that they have a much wider range of language options. Please note however that the language of instruction of most courses not offered through the Rothberg International School is Hebrew, although there are a growing number of courses taught in English each year.

Finally, graduate students interested in studying Modern Hebrew while conducting research towards their Master’s or PhD degrees have the option of enrolling in our Visiting Research Fellow Program. Visiting Research Fellows cannot enroll in courses besides Modern Hebrew language, but they have access to Hebrew University libraries and archives and are encouraged to reach out to and collaborate with Hebrew University faculty with similar research interests.