We are proud to report that one of our own, Professor Joshua Shepherd, has been named in the 2019-2021 cohort of the prestigious CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars program! 

This achievement marks the second time in the university’s history that a Carleton scholar receives this distinction.

The CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars program supports exceptional early-career researchers who show promise to be the research leaders of tomorrow. Through funding and mentorship, the program enables essential network and professional skills development. CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars join CIFAR research programs for 24 months where they collaborate with fellows and inspire new ways to approach the most important questions facing science and humanity. After the program, many scholars stay connected to the CIFAR community and four CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars joined CIFAR research programs as fellows in 2019.

After a competitive recruitment process that generated 217 eligible applications from 37 countries, 14 researchers (seven identifying as women and seven identifying as men) were selected to join five CIFAR programs. These researchers are among the top emerging global talent with citizenship in eight countries and appointments in institutions in Canada, the United States, Israel, Australia, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Dr. Alan Bernstein, CIFAR president & CEO, announces, “These early career scholars and scientists are among the world’s brightest and most promising leaders of their generation. We are very excited to welcome them as the 2019 class of CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars.”.

Congratulations Dr. Shepherd!