In late November 2022, the Department of Philosophy was pleased to host a group of high school students from Canterbury High School. The students were part of their school’s Ethics Bowl team, and were present at this year’s event that took place last weekend.

For many of the students, it was their first time visiting a university and taking public transit. Upon arrival on campus, they were provided with a university tour and attended a bioethics lecture by Dr. Matthew Scarfone. Here’s what a few of the Canterbury students had to say about their field trip:

Going to Carleton on a field trip was an amazing experience! The lecture was really interesting and it was nice to have an idea of what a university lecture might be like before actually going to university. – Natalie Wueppelmann

Attending a lecture at Carleton was such an enriching experience. It gave me a feel for how lectures work, the formatting and the discussions I will get to experience in the future. I was particularly inspired to see such strong, confident women contributing to the discussion. It was also awesome getting to see the campus and explore the different buildings and study spots Carleton had to offer. – Zoey Boszormeny

Having the opportunity to attend a bioethics lecture at Carleton was so incredible. It fuelled my excitement for all the lectures I will get to see when I go to university myself next year. Everyone was so welcoming and kind and I, as well as all of my teammates, had a wonderful time. – Brynn Duggan

We are happy to host any high school classes that may be interested in visiting our department and attending a philosophy lecture. For more information, please contact our Departmental Administrator, Rima Sanaallah (