Winter 2015 Colloquium Schedule

* All talks will be held in Room 3228 River Building at 3:00 pm unless otherwise noted *

 Titles and abstracts will be posted as they are received.

All are welcome!

Sonia Sikka (University of Ottawa)
“On Translating Religious Reasons: Rawls, Habermas and the Quest for a Neutral Public Sphere”
January 16

 Jordan Dodd (Carleton University)
 “Hope, knowledge and blindspots”
January 23

 Robert Stainton (University of Western Ontario)
“Asserting versus Merely Communicating”
Room:  2203 Dunton Tower
January 30

 Robert Ware (University of Calgary)
“Real Democracy and Joint Decisions”
February 6

 Sophie Rietti (University of Ottawa)
 “Emotions as goods: social aspects”
February 27

 Melissa Frankel (Carleton University)
“Descartes and Berkeley on sensations and knowledge”
 March 6

 Simon Gurofsky (University of Chicago)
“Making Kant’s Empirical Realism Possible”
March 20

 Alan Hajek (Australian National University)
“Begging to Differ with Similarity Accounts of Counterfactuals”
March 27

 Vida Panitch (Carleton University)