Date: Thursday, September 21

Time: 1:30-3:00 pm

Location: Carleton University, 4359 ME (Mackenzie Building), map

Speaker: Dr. Ela Beres, Product Manager, Google Search App

ABSTRACT: This is a talk about career paths. I graduated from Carleton
University in 2002 and since then my career path took me on a
fascinating journey which I’d like to share. I’ll touch on things like
– “What was the journey like?” , “How did I choose it?”, “What did I
work on?” and “How did I like it? “. I’ll also talk about Google
itself – the culture, the opportunities and the challenges.

Speaker bio: Ela is a Product Manager at Google where she is developing a
personal search feature for the Google Search app. Previously she was
a Principal in the Access group at Google where she led the Wi-Fi
wholesale project in Uganda with the goal to develop new business
models for the Internet, reduce end-user pricing and increase the
number of Internet users in Kampala and Africa overall. Prior to
joining Google in 2011, Ela was a strategy consultant at the Boston
Consulting Groups, where she advised Fortune 500 companies on
strategic and operational issues. Ela holds a Ph.D., in Electrical
Engineering from the University of Toronto, and a B.Eng. from Carleton
University. Her undergraduate and graduate work focused on cooperative
diversity in wireless networks.

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