Graduate students studying Biomedical Engineering in the department are engineering a date-driven health-care revolution, according to a news release:

  • Kevin Dick is exploring protein interactions using machine learning, seeking to identify problematic bindings that lead to illness and ultimately forge a path to therapeutic treatments to prevent them. Supervisor: James Green.
  • Fatemeh Zabihollahy uses deep learning AI to identify heart damage due to heart attacks. Supervisor: Eranga Ukwatta.
  • David Lu is using machine learning to help neurosurgeons better deliver treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Supervisors: Adrian Chan and Adam Sachs.
  • Mohamed Abdelazez is working to reduce ECG false alarms and help health-care workers be more responsive in crisis. Supervisors: Adrian Chan and Sreeraman Rajan.
  • Zachary Baird is is working on a radar-driven health monitoring system. Supervisor: Sreeraman Rajan.

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