When: Monday Sept. 24th at 17h30
Where: ME4463
Title: CAESAR: Semantic Data Warehouse for Systems Engineering
Speaker: Dr. Maged Elaasar

Abstract Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is a methodology of systems engineering that focuses on creating and exploiting models rather than documents as the primary means of information capture and exchange. However, for MBSE to be useful in practice, information needs be accessible, rigorous, analyzable, integrated, and reviewable. In this talk, I will be describing the CAESAR platform, the first semantic data warehouse for systems engineering. CAESAR represents system information as semantic web ontologies that conform to specified vocabularies describing various domains and applications of systems engineering. The platform allows for implementing of (import/export) interfaces to various system authoring tools. It also allows specification of integration flows, where information is organized, analyzed, integrated, and configuration managed. The information is also made accessible to reporting tools where expected gate products can be generated, reviewed, commented on, and approved. I will also be describing a case study where an application domain has been implemented using CAESAR and used in an industrial project.

Bio Dr. Maged Elaasar is a senior computer scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. He is the chief architect of the Integrated Model Centric Engineering program that modernizes the practice of systems engineering for flight projects. Prior to that, Maged was a software architect at IBM, where he had led the development of the Rational Software Architect™ family of UML/SysML tools. He has also been providing consultancy services in model driven engineering technologies to various international clients for over 20 years. Maged holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Carleton University, 2012), and a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Computer Science (Carleton University, 2003, American University in Cairo, 1996). He has earned 12 U.S. patents, authored 40+ peer-reviewed journals and conference articles, led several software standards at the Object Management Group (e.g., UML, SysML), and significantly contributed to open-source projects at Eclipse (e.g., GMF, Papyrus). He has also taught several CS courses at the undergraduate/graduate level and is a frequent speaker at R&D venues.

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