The following patent was granted for an invention created by Carleton researchers in collaboration with industrial partners.

US 10,219,234 – System and Method for Providing Adaptive Synchronization of LTE Communication Systems

Granted on 26 February 2019

Inventors: Amr El-Keyi, Halim Yanikomeroglu, Oktay Ureten, Trevor Yensen

Security is becoming increasingly important as LTE is used more and more in the vertical industries, beyond the smart phone. The most vulnerable portion of the air interface with respect to interference and jamming is the control channel. When a smart jammer surgically incurs damage in the control channel, the entire link with its payload may get lost. This invention provides an advanced receiver design with multiple parallel adaptive filters to eliminate the effect of an interferer/jammer to the timing metric of an LTE signal.

A Canadian patent was issued earlier for this invention (CA 2976563, 04 Sep 2018); British and Australian patent applications are pending.

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