Congratulations to co-chairs Yasmina Souley Dosso and Mohamed Abdelaziz, and to the Chapter Executive, which is comprised entirely of SCE graduate students. According to Souley Dosso: “The Carleton University Engineering in Medicine and Biology Student Club is honored to be recognized with the North America Regional Award and the Overall Student Chapter Award. This is the second time in a row for the club to be recognized with the regional award and the second overall award in the past three years. It truly reflects the hard work the club has been putting into growing the biomedical engineering community at Carleton University. This year, the committee has focused on additionally growing our community with the University of Ottawa and local Meet Up groups to bring students, researchers, and professionals together. Even though we are receiving this award during an uncertain time, we plan to push forward and to continue to run events to make sure that biomedical engineering students remain connected to the community. We will build upon our previous success and increase our number of events by converting to virtual events. This change will allow us to reach out to speakers and experts across the world and be able to bring their expertise to the Carleton University biomedical engineering community.”