From left to right – first row: Ragunath Anbarasu – Web Master, Fadwa Darwaish – Treasurer, Anastassia Gharib – Chair, Dana Haj Hussein – Secretary, Manar Helal – Vice Chair; From left to right – second row: Chowdhury Saleha Ferdowsy – Social Media Assistant, Astha Tiwari – Publications Director, Hilda Azimi – Social Media Coordinator, Kareem Farah – Logistics Officer, Naomi Solomon – Outreach Officer.

Out of over 900 WIE Affinity Groups worldwide, IEEE WIE Ottawa has been recognized by the IEEE WIE Committee as the winner of the 2020 WIE Affinity Group of the Year Award. The IEEE WIE Affinity Group of the Year Award is given to one IEEE WIE Affinity Group that has shown outstanding leadership and initiative in organizing activities. For IEEE WIE Ottawa, this award consists of the appointment of the group’s chair, Anastassia Gharib, as a voting member on the WIE Committee from 1 January 2021 until to 31 December 2021, prize money in the amount of $500 USD to be used for future WIE activities, and a certificate of recognition. This is a moment of pride for Canada as IEEE WIE Ottawa team members are graduates and students of both Carleton University and University of Ottawa. To all the volunteers who are and have been part of IEEE WIE Ottawa, kudos to all the hard work and thanks for being a great team.