Congratulations to Mr. David Luong on getting the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. David, who received his MSc from the University of Waterloo, joined the SCE department in Fall 2019 for his PhD degree under the primary supervision of Prof. Sreeraman Rajan. He will be performing his research on quantum radar signal processing.

Quantum radars are radars that exploit phenomena from quantum physics to improve detection performance. Previously, any improvement over conventional radars was purely theoretical, but this improvement can now be achieved in practice. David was the lead author of the first scientific publication in the world to describe a laboratory demonstration of a quantum radar protocol at microwave frequencies. The Vanier Scholarship will support him in continuing this work by investigating methods for processing the quantum signals in a quantum radar to obtain useful information such as target type, range, and speed. His work will help bridge the gap between quantum physics and radar engineering, leading to a unified framework for quantum radar signal processing.