Interested in becoming a Teaching Assistant?

Often the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering has Outside Priority TA opportunities available for highly qualified Undergraduate students. Hours available vary depending on the department course needs. Duties vary by course/instructor and may include conducting labs or study groups, marking assignments and tests, proctoring exams and holding office hours.

To be eligible, students must be registered full-time in the term they wish to TA, have a 10.0 CGPA or above and have 3rd Year Standing or above. Students must also be in Canada and eligible to work in Canada (have a valid SIN).

Interested students must complete an Outside Priority TA Application on Carleton Central. Deadlines for each term are as follows: April 15(Spring/Summer), August 15 (Fall), December 15 (Winter).

We ask students to keep in mind accepting a TA position is accepting an official job offer and should be taken seriously. You are expected to be available to perform all required duties assigned to you.

To express interest, go to Carleton Central. On the Main Menu, look under TA Management, then choose TA Outside Priority Applications and follow the instructions.