Dr. Jason Jaskolka was one of six faculty members across campus to receive a Faculty Graduate Mentorship Award for his exceptional service to graduate students as their supervisor and research mentor. Dr. Jaskolka is the director of  Carleton’s Cyber Security Evaluation and Assurance Research (CyberSEA) Lab.

“The CyberSEA Lab would not be as welcoming or helpful as it is without someone as organized and knowledgeable as Dr. Jaskolka at the helm. The fact that he has time to run our lab, teach courses and manage TAs, all while being able to suggest papers and directions for future research is mind-blowing.”

“Professor Jaskolka gave me my first taste of cyber security and ignited my interest in a field I had never even considered pursuing.”

“His unwavering support and willingness to provide the freedom and resources needed to succeed in my work helped me publish five research publications, two open-source tools a,nd a first-of-its-kind toolkit in addition to my thesis within a two-year time period. It is a testament to how well Dr. Jaskolka can bring out the strengths of an individual while guiding, encouraging, and empowering the areas that I needed to work on.”