We are delighted to announce that Rawan Alkurd has been granted a US patent for her exceptional Ph.D. work. Rawan’s research focuses on personalized AI in communications networks and has been supervised by Chancellor’s Professor Halim Yanikomeroglu, along with co-supervision from esteemed data scientist Ibrahim AbuAlhaol (Adjunct Research Professor).

Rawan’s career has been filled with remarkable accomplishments, including the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, valued at $150,000, and the Carleton University Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement. These accolades reflect her dedication and excellence in her academic pursuits.

In 2020, Rawan published two notable papers that capture her patented invention: Personalized Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks: An AI-Enabled and Big Data-Driven Multi-Objective Optimization and Big-Data-Driven and AI-Based Framework to Enable Personalization in Wireless Networks.

This patent marks the 40th granted patent for the Chancellor, with many more in progress.