It was an incredibly close competition and two groups tied for the first place.

1st Places

Group 28

Alexia Pucci
Garrett Mason
Josh Lalonde
Kade MacWilliams

Project Title: Teleoperated Bilateral Haptic Robotic Devices for Cooperative Virtual Reality Training in Surgical Applications
Project Supervisor: Professor Carlos Rossa

Group 44

Aaron Gabor
Andre Hazim
Guy Morgenshtern
Harsimran Kanwar
Shuvaethy Neill

Project Title: MobileOgel: Lego Mobile Application
Project Supervisor: Dr Lynn Marshall

2nd Place: Group 38

Darwin Jull
Maven Uyttewaal
Nikita Yovchev

Project Title: Mobile Application for Implementation of Best Practices for Sudden Infant Death Risk Reduction
Project Supervisor: Professor Fateme Rajabiyazdi