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Computer systems and telecommunications networks are the essential building blocks of the rapidly growing field of Information Technology. Canada’s telecommunications and computer industries have achieved world-wide recognition for their impressive track record of success. They contribute enormously to Canada’s economy and will continue to create abundant challenging career opportunities. Carleton University’s innovative undergraduate program in Computer System’s Engineering will prepare you to participate in these exciting fields.

A co-op option gives students access to real-world experience at one of Carleton’s industry partners right at the centre of Canada’s high-tech capital.

The B.Eng. in Computer Systems Engineering leads to a Professional Engineering (P.Eng.) designation.

What Computer Systems Engineers Will Know

The Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering, (B.Eng.) program offers integrated studies in the area of computer systems, communication systems and information networks. The Computer Systems program provides breadth and depth in computer systems organization and communication and addresses related issues, such as electronics, real-time systems and software engineering. In addition, students receive a solid foundation in mathematics, the physical sciences, and engineering science and design. Emphasis is placed on developing skills for solving practical problems and obtaining “hand-on” experience through laboratory and design work.

What Computer Systems Engineers Will Do: Employment Opportunities

Canada’s telecommunications and computer industry has world-wide recognition for its impressive track record of success. It contributes enormously to Canada’s economy and will continue to create abundant challenging career opportunities for graduates of Carleton’s Computer Systems Engineering program.

Ottawa’s reputation as the hub of Canada’s high technology industry is due to the presence of many world class companies in the information technology field. Carleton’s Computer Systems Engineering program is a major contributor to Ottawa’s prominence in high technology. The program is enriched through close interactions with many leading firms.

The Academic Program

The Computer Systems Engineering program is concerned with the design and implementation of integrated computer systems to solve practical problems in areas such as telecommunications, information networks, distributed systems, real-time systems, multi-media applications and process control.

The program is offered jointly by the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering and the Department of Electronics. The first year and half of the program provides a broad background of technical fundamentals in Science, Mathematics, Computers and Engineering Science and Design. The final two and a half years concentrate primarily on the fields of computer systems engineering, communications, electronics and digital logic. The program includes compulsory and elective courses in Software Engineering, Computer Systems Organization, Real-Time Systems, Communication Systems and Networks, Digital and Analog Electronics, Linear Systems, and Automated Control Systems.

Students interested in Smart Phones, Artificial Intellegence and Robotics should take a selection of the following courses:

Smart Phones Cluster:

Artificial Intelligence Cluster

  • SYSC5103: Software Agents — Departmental approval required
  • SYSC5401: Adaptive and Learning Systems — Departmental approval required
  • SYSC3200: Industrial Engineering

Robotics Cluster:

  • MECH4503: An Introduction to Robotics
  • SYSC4505: Automatic Control Systems I
  • SYSC4205: Image Processing for Medical Applications
  • SYSC5103: Software Agents — Departmental approval Required